Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ickworth house.

Ideas for future Christmas shows and pottery in general.

Would like to try throwing in a white earthen ware clay, maybe even porcelain and paint on the vessels. I would like to incorporate my sketches into the work either directly or throw transfer.  It would be good to have a go a drawing different species of birds as well as my quirky line drawing for Bird Chatter.

I do like the red clay and slip combination that I use for the bird chatter series, so will continue to make these, but just want to expand my portfolio.  I would also want to spend some on experimenting on the finish of vessels.  What level of finish does need to be or rather I want it to be.  I like the mark of the maker on a cup, so you can see where it has been removed from the wheel, but I do still need to make  sure the finish, once glazed is still of a high quality.     

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