Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Thoughts for the day

Disappointed that my glaze did not arrive yesterday for me to put a firing on, however I am hopeful it will arrive today for me still to do this.  I am currently on my way to a meeting, but after that I have the afternoon and evening to get the studio ready for the open house tomorrow.  I am excited to be involved again, even if it on a small scale. It is good to have a deadline to work towards and creatework for.   

Here is yesterday's sketch.   I am afraid that I did not do a drawing for Sunday or Monday, there  was just not the opportunity. Although I did do two sketches on Saturday, so I can count for of those for Sunday.

Still stuggling to get facial features with just the pressure of my figure, so will invest in a stylus at some point.  The drawing was also completed using the fine tip pen rather than the bolder fountain pen.  Both worlk well though.

Here is today's sketch drawn on my walk home from Falmer to woodingdean.  It is the view over Falmer village.

It was cold and there I was standing up drawing this so it really was quick.  You get an impression of the place though. 

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