Saturday, 6 December 2014

On the bus home, 5 dec

Last night on the bus home I drew the following.

Despite my reservations about drawing on the bus, this came out okay.  As you can see there were not many people on the bus but I think that worked well.  Although the bouncing around caused a few issues, but I pushed ahead and tried to make the best of what was in front of me, as I knew when I got home I would just be too tired to do a sketch.

Today is a new day, there are not many days left to the open house but all seems to be progressing nicely.  I shall put a kiln firing on today or tomorrow and a glaze firing will go on early next week.  Just waiting for the glaze to arrive,

I am still buzzing from by visit to uca on Wednesday,  it has given me much to think about and I need to speed time developing by project as well as working on sketch books.  I shall start this today.  

At the moment I am waiting for a fireplace expert to come and investigate our chimney.  We are getting a small wood burner for our living room and we need to know if the chimney is sound or if we need a chimney lining.   Anyway perfect opportunity to catch up on the blog and post last night's drawing.  The Sun is shining and it feels like a great day.

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