Saturday, 13 December 2014

Open house, last day

Il Last day of the open house.  Been a great few days, I always forget how nice it is to talk with people about your work.    The space we have is small but it works.  The new year will bring some changes though as my current studio partner will be moving out and I will need to find someone else to share with.    Will have to think about how to reorganise the space to make it work more efficiently .  The space will only really work with another ceramicist, so hopefully I will be able to find one.

In the meantime, I have work to finish and new work to develop, so the next few months will be busy.  I  may also have a large tile commission that I need think about and to price up. 

My project for the MA is shaping up, I fact the idea seems to be splitting into two.  in one the focus is more narrative based, and the other is exploring ritual vessels.   Will post more when the ideas are more solid.

Before signing off here is my quick sketch from yesterday evening while waiting for the bus home at 8.45pm. It was a 6 min wait so had to be quick.

I also did a sketch in the studio but not entirely happy with this, the lighting is tricky to captureand so is Liz's work as the finer detail is impossible without a sharper point, still using my fingers.

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