Friday, 17 April 2015

Sun trap on the beach

II am sitting down beside the pier in a magnificent wind and sun trap.  The tide is quite far out and it is very calm.  There are even seagulls on a sand bank the tide is so far out.  I cannot believe it only April.  

I am trying to muster the energy to drag myself away from this relaxing position to go into the studio and see how well the kiln firing went that I put on this morning.  A varity of plates, beakers, tiles and some more dog key charms, all waiting to be glazed now for the open house in May.  Will post some images later, but to keep your visual stimuli interested here is a sketch from current position.  

Some brave souls have just gone into the sea,  partially clothed, the tide is so low that they sea is only a knee level about 10 meters out.   Of course it has not stopped the frompusing each other into the sea and getting totally soaked.

As for me I am very happy just sitting observing, sketching and just taking it easy.  5 more minutes and then I must be off.  Well okay perhaps 10...., 

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