Monday, 27 April 2015

Studio time

OoBeen in the studio getting things finished for the open house.  Finished drawing into my new mugs yesterday and they just need to dry before I first fire them.  I am thinking about changing the handle on further mugs back to the original round handle I used to make, but for the moment am happy with the outcome of these.  

Shown above are some sugar pots, and mugs, large and small.

I have almost finished glazing my bird chatter ready for their firing to 1150oC. I will put these on tomorrow evening.  Right now though I am on the bus home and very weary.  Look forward to having some nosh and a cuppa a while putting my feet up and watching game of thrones.

At university tomorrow, which will likely be a busy day as we have an exam board on Wednesday to prepare for.  However I will try and get to the studio at lunch, but if not will put kiln on in the evening.  

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