Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sketching and meditating

From doing my sketch a day I have come to the realisation that you can pretty much draw anything and make it look interesting.  The personality and drawing style of the artist creates interest.  It is also all about what you leave out, the palette you use, if you colour at all and the composition chosen.  

How you present a collection of drawing is also important, the collection should say something and you need to be clear what you are trying to say when grouping paintings.  If you take a look a my drawings a day I have begun to see groupings in subject matter, that could easily be taken out and a separate blog made.

Taking about the drawings blog, It has been a week since I have drawn anything, so will rectify that today.  Been feeling a bit low, and despite the fact that I know drawing will help with my mood, I avoid doing it.  I must muster some willpower when I feel like this and not think so much, just do!  Although saying that I have just started doing Zentangles.  These are a bit like a doodle but with more structure to them , they are a way of meditating throught drawing.  I have always been a bit rubbish mediating, as I cannot still my mind, it always goes wandering.  However with drawing I can focus on just that task and get lost in the moment.  See example below.

This is day 6

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