Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Work in progress

Owl brooches, fridge magnets and bag charms have ther underglaze on now, just to put a clear glaze on now and 2nd fire.

More bird chatter plates to complete first has been first fired and is waiting for colour and second glaze 2nd is almost dry ready for first fire.  These are approx 20cm wide.

Here are some handle less mugs drying, and one small mug which is an experiment re size and handle shape.  Will post am update when they are dry and I have drawn into the.

Other things on the go are: 
Large plate, platter
20cm plate x2
Saucer, small plate

While be throwing some utensil holders, knickers design, tomorrow.  Intrigued?  I will post an image once dry and I have drawn into them.

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