Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hitomi Hosono

Ceramic review January 2014

The work of Hitomi Hosono is reviewed.   Fantastic work, the detail is exquisite.  Made in porcelain and carved in fine detail.  She also uses spring moulds, which is what ultimately interests me.  Sprig moulds are traditional to Wedgwood jasper ware, but the diference here is the become form not just decoration.  I love this idea and want to explore further for my current research into vessels with a nature theme (the woodwife).  

The sprigs are created using plastercine because you can carve fine detail, then plaster moulds are created - press moulds.  Porcelain is a versatile clay which will allow for much movement while wet but is very fragile in an unfixed or 1st fired state, but worth experimenting with.  Not really used it apart from the odd experiment.  Image below is a sample of Hosono's work.

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