Saturday, 21 February 2015

Women & Domesticity

What a morning,  I have been doing some embroidery for an art project and needed to finish it this morning to post off.  Can you belive I ran out of thread on the last letter half way round the g.  I then proceeded to drop my needle and while looking for it spilt a whole cup of tea over the sofa.  it could.only have been worse if it had gone allover the embroidery.

Anyhow, a trip to C&H fabrics sorted the problem and I finished the 'g' in Churchill Square ready to post by 1pm.  

Information about the project, which is in aid of Women's aid is at 

Here is a quick image that I took on my phone before posting.  It does not do it justice but you get the idea.

Doing this duster project, however, has had an impact on my drawing a day project, but at least I have reason for not getting drawings done over the past 5 days.  

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