Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Books to read

Alan Garner, book about old Gods just below the surface.
Joan Fontcubert 
Gossip from the Forest - Sara Maltland
The coyote road, antholgy
The green man, anthology

Playing to the Gallery: Helping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood- Grayson perry.
Mister Finch - Living in a Fairytale World.
The armless maiden, by Terri Windling
A history of the world in 100 objects , Dr Neil Mcgregor
500 paper objects - Gene Mchugh
Breaking the Mould - new approaches to ceramics - Black Dog publishing
Evocative Objects:  Things we think with, Sherry Turkle.

If I am to thinking about the placing of objects and connections made, look at collecting and how these are placed.  Collections are usually about collection around a theme.  This can be one particular object like spoons, mugs, or the more bizare of unused soap that is too small to be useful.
Read the following:-

Evocative Objects:  Things we think with, Sherry Turkle.
Narrating Objects, Collecting Storie, Sandra H. Dudley, 2012
To have and hold, An intimate history of collectors and collecting, Philipp Blom
Museum Materialities: Objects Engagement Interpretations, Sundra Dudley (2009)
In Flagrante Collect (caught in the act of collecting (Marilynn Gelfman)

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