Sunday, 15 November 2015

Jerwood and Hastings storytelling festival

'Currently sitting in the cafe if the jerwood gallery.  It is a extremely windy and damp day and I have come with storybeard to Hastings for the storytelling festival.  Due to the high winds we have been unable to put the yurt up but have space in the marque, instead.

I have taken myself away from the hussle  and bustle of the event and sort refuge in the Jerwood Gallery on the Stade, what can be better than wandering around looking at art followed by tea and cake.  

Jerwood have a collection of work by winners of previous jerwood painting prize.  Interesting to see the variety of work through a period of years,  as well a collection on on loan from which included work from Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson.

While in the cafe, It would have been good to do some sketching out the window of the fishing boats, but did not have the right seat, and it was far to windy to sketch outdoors, so here is my still life instead.  

In the studio yesterday I did some throwing and managed to successful throw 3 vessels ready for surface experimentation, using my drawings as inspiration.  Future research and thought is need for these ideas but it is a starting point.  Also making some leaf tiles before all the trees completely defoliate ready for winter. 

Here is picture of the 3 vessels I made yesterday,  I have the two large ones still to throw out of the set of 5. 

After this weeks episode of the throw down, next challenge to set, myself is a coiled basin although may change the purpose slight, and make it a bird bath.   Also need to make 9 decorated tiles in 90 mins.  Will have start a separate blog with the outcomes of these challenges.  Obviously will need to spread these over a linger period as I just don't have the time that the contestants have.

Until next time.....

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