Wednesday, 15 July 2015

MA Ceramics

I have been reconsidering doing an MA starting in September 2015, as I don't think I have enought evidence to support my application.  All my recent sketchbooks are very sporadic and to be honest not so much books but bits of paper in many, many places.  But here are a collection of books from my Degree and aftewards, plus recent drawing sketchbooks.   Just need to bring together the ideas developed inbetween....

Over the next two weeks I am going to try to bring order to these and start developing my ideas and do some reading and gallery critques.   I need to demonstrate that I have the analytical and research skills required for MA level.

This may also be a good opportunity to start to group my 'finch365' drawings, so they are more meaningful.

I have the opportunity of meeting the tutor at UCA (MA Ceramics) to discuss my work, so I need to sort this out and then decide if 2015 is the year to start this or work more on new projects, and decide on 2016 entry.   May also be worth considereing the MA Craft at Brighton, although do I want to do a degree where I work and where I previously studied?

On that note I am going to start a seperate Research Diary blog.   So all, exhibition visits, book/article reviewed or comments, plus websites visited will be listed here.   It is a staring point.    It will be quite general to start with exploring different ideas and interests, but it should start to become more focused as i develop my ideas further.  Will need to transfer some of my earlier posts on this blog over to the new area, or provide links to this blog.

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